IEEE-841 NEMA Premium石化行业电机

IEEE-841是美国针对石油和化学工业或其它严苛用途电机的制造标准。符合NEMA Premium效率等级。相关认证有:UL, CSA, IEEE-841, IEEE-45, CC002A

  • 品牌: TECO东元电机

TECO东元集团2015年马达全球销售排名前三(From 2016 HIS report);并从电机巨人企业发展为横跨重电、电子、资讯、通讯、金融投资等六个产业群的具有高度竞争力的多元化经营的企业集团。东元集团目前计约近百家海外关系企业,分布在全球的东元员工达万人以上,并广泛与世界著名企业美国GE、日本安川、美国西屋、德国西门子、日本日立、三菱等进行机电技术合作,其事业版图已扩展至亚洲、美洲、欧洲、澳洲,成为知名的世界集团,TECO已成为国际品牌。


防爆等级:CSA Certified for Class I, Division II, Groups B, C, D; Class II, Div. 2, Groups F & G. 

变频范围:VT=3~60HZ, CT=6~60HZ.  (VT=variable torque 变转矩; CT=constant torque 恒转矩)

Electrical Features

  • Designed to meet NEMA MG-1, MG-13 and IEEE 841

  • Stock available in 460V and 575V; other voltages available upon request

  • Premium efficiency; meets or exceeds the requirements of EPACT '92 and Canadian Federal Efficiency Levels defined in CSA C390-93; Full load efficiency of all ratings is certified under the EEV Program of the CSA

  • UL recognized Class F non-hygroscopic insulation system with HPE™ (High Pulse Endurance) index, heavy heat resistance enameled copper wire insures longer winding life and reliability

  • CSA certified for Class 1, Division II, Group B, C and D with Temperature Code T3C

  • Class B temperature rise, 80°C rise by resistance method at 1.0 S.F.; 90°C rise at 1.15 SF

  • 3 Leads solderless lug terminals

  • Meets GM 7E-TA specifications

Mechanical Features

  • Bearing temperature rise is below 45°C for all 4P and 6P ratings; 50°C for all 2P motors

  • Sound power levels are below 85 dBA providing quiet operation

  • Full cast iron construction: frame,brackets, fan cover and conduit box with IP55 rated protection

  • Frame provided with two threaded drain holes with drain plugs and a drilled and tapped hole for a ground lug

  • Corrosion-resistant, cast iron conduit box has twice the volume required by NEMA. The conduit box is fully gasketed with NPT threaded conduit entry

  • Regreaseable bearing construction with inner bearing caps prevent bearing contamination

  • Non-sparking plastic or bronze fan

  • All internal rotor, stator and shaft surfaces are cleaned and coated with moisture resistant varnish; Exterior is painted with zinc-chromate epoxy base with a blue finish

  • Stainless steel hardware and nameplate

  • Vibration will not exceed 0.08 inches per second

  • Motors can be re-rated for 415, 400 and 380 volts at 50 HZ

  • CSA and UL approved for Inverter Duty per NEMA MG1 Part 31, with speed range of 20:1 variable torque and 10:1 constant torque


Weima ElectricIEEE841-AEHH8B-nema_premium_efficiency.pdf