Weima Electric can provide one-stop overall drive solutions of motor, reducer, inverter to PLC and human-machine interface.

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  • New Company to Produce Rapid EV Chargers

    State-of-the art facility will be built in OklahomaTulsa, Okla., July 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Oklahoma will soon be home to a new multimillion dollar production facility for rapid Electric Vehicl

  • TECO to Manufacture Offshore Wind Turbine Prototype

    TECO to Manufacture Offshore Wind Turbine Prototype

  • Differences between Ordinary Motor and Variable Frequency Motor

    Ⅰ.Ordinary asynchronous motors are designed according to constant frequency and constant voltage, which can not fully meet the requirements of variable frequency speed regulation. The following is the

  • Motor Speed and Slip Ratio

    The unit of rotational speed is round per minute r/m (rpm), round per second per r/s (rps).ⅰ.Synchronous speed of motorBecause the rotation of the induction motor is caused by the rotating magnetic fi

  • Common Failures of Motor Iron Core

    Common failures of motor iron coreⅰ. The insulation damage between silicon steel sheets causes short circuit between silicon steel sheets;ⅱ. Slack iron core caused by poor operation of tight

  • PTC thermistor and thermistor switch

    PTC thermistor: PTC generally refers to semiconductor materials or components with high temperature coefficient. PTC thermistor (positive temperature coefficient thermistor, namely self recovery fuse)

  • Working System of Motor

     Working System of Motor      The load conditions of the motor include starting, electric braking, no-load, energy breaking and stopping, as well as the duration and sequ

  • ABB energy management solutions support Asia's largest wastewater treatment plant

    ABB successfully completes delivery of medium- and low-voltage digital solutions for the expansion of the Shanghai Bailonggang Wastewater Treatment Plant in China guaranteeing continuous and reliable

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