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    TECO Exd IIBT4 Flameproof Motors

    • Brand :TECO

    TECO Exd IIBT4 Flameproof Motors

    1. Detailed information

    Type: Flameproof Three phase induction motors

    Design Standard: GB3836.1,GB3836.2

    Rated Voltage: 380V or other voltage below 690V

    Rated Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz

    Output Power: 0.18KW~355KW

    Time Duty: Continuous S.F1.0 or Option (SF1.0~1.3)

    Frame No.: 80M~355

    Protective Class: Exd IIB T4 Gb: IP54, IP55

    Cooling method: IC411

    Insulation Class: F Class