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    TECO High Voltage cast iron Frame

    • Brand :TECO

    TECO High Voltage cast iron Frame

    1. Detailed information

    Output Power:  90~1400KW(3KV),150~1250KW(6KV)

    Pole:  2,4,6,8

    Voltage frequency:  AC 3000V,6000V

    Frame Nos: 355~560

    Protective structure:  TEFC: IP54,IP55

    Stator insulation: Class F insulation system 

    Cooling method: Self external fan, Surface cooling (IC411)

    TECO or TECO Westinghouse brand, TECO Westinghouse insulation system, VPI vacuum immersion, silicon steel sheet imported from NSC(Nippon Steel Cooperation). For more details or special requirements, please contact us.