History of Marathon Motors

Since 1913, Marathon motor has developed to be a worldwide manufacturer of commercial and industrial motor design and high-tech products.

Marathon inverter-fed motor is favored by the world's leading AC drive equipment manufacturers. Micromax, Blue Max and Black Max is widely used in motor control pump, driving fans and fans, and transmissions, and are used in many fields with high performance and reliability requirements.

In 1997, Marathon motor joined the RegalBeloit Corporation.

Brief Introduction of RegalBeloit(Wuxi)

Regal Beloit (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., was founded in 1958 who focuses in the field of developing, designing and manufacturing of motors, is a national large-scale industrial enterprise and a national key high-tech enterprise. Regal Beloit (Wuxi) joined Regal Beloit Corporation in 2008, and is one of the main industrial motor manufacturers in the group. The company has a total assets of 500 million yuan and more than 900 employees, owns more than 400 sets of main production equipment, it has annual production capacity of 6 million KW motor with full performance test capacity of 5000 KW. The company has passed ISO9001:2012 quality system certification.

Marathon motors is a famous motor brand of Regal Beloit Corporation, which originated from American technology and has a hundred year manufacturing history. The marathon motors produced by Regal Beloit (Wuxi) comply with IEC standard and American NEMA standard. With continuous technology innovation, Marathon Motors has become a leader in the field of motor with its excellent quality, excellent performance and high efficiency.

To Learn More about Marathon Motors:https://www.regalbeloit.com


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