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Wolong Electric Nanyang Explosion Protection Group Co.,Ltd (Hereafter called CNE) is the main national research and production base for explosion-proof motors, national export base of mechanical and electrical products, National high-tech enterprise, national innovative enterprise, national technological innovation demonstration enterprise, chairman of explosion-proof motor branch of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association. CNE has R & D platforms such as national enterprise technology center and national accredited laboratory, postdoctoral research workstation, explosion-proof motor engineering technology research center of Henan, explosion-proof electrical academician workstation of Henan, high efficiency electrical system engineering laboratory of Henan, etc.

Wolong Electric Nanyang Explosion Protection Group Co.,Ltd

CNE's main products include explosion-proof motors, high-efficiency motors, standard motors, light weight energy-saving generators, motor/generators, explosion-proof high-efficiency fans, explosion-proof electrical appliances, monitoring instruments and after-sales services, with an annual production capacity of 11 million KW. The products are mainly used in petroleum, chemical industry, coal, metallurgy, electric power, military industry, nuclear power and other fields.

In recent years, CNE continuously deepen enterprise system innovation, management innovation and technology innovation, guided by the market, supported by enhancing the ability of independent innovation, and relying on scientific and technological improvement to adjust the product structure and business structure. The company has achieved leapfrog development, and its economic benefits reached the place in the same industry in China for more than ten consecutive years.

CNE insisted on technological innovation and takes innovation as the key work of the group. A large number of scientific research achievements have been made based on Strengthening product R & D on platform products, top products, urgently needed products by market and prospective products: The 3rd generation "Hu

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