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 ●Company Profile:

Shanghai Shangdian Elec. Machinery Corp. is an advanced manufacturer specialized in high-efficient motors’ developing & production as well as producing special motors equipped for high-end machinery & electrical device. And listed on the new three board in 2013. The company possesses multiple core technologies and patents for invention, and also provide high-tech & personalized motors and high quality service for many well-known enterprises such as Baosteel, ShaanGu, and Huadian. And has a good reputation in the industry.

Shanghai Shangdian Elec. Machinery Corp.

Product design and manufacturing capacities:

The main products include: Full range of low voltage three-phase asynchronous motors which are  YE3, YE4,YVP (YPF) frequency conversion motor, YGP special for roller; Full series YX, YXKK,YXKS high voltage high-efficient three-phase asynchronous motor & frequency conversion motor; Full series Y, YKK, YKS, YFJ high voltage three-phase asynchronous motor & frequency conversion motor. And also having the design, development and manufacturing capacity of personalized products.

In 2016, the company built a new plant in Shanghai and also expanded the Taicang production base. A batch of advanced production equipment and testing apparatus were purchased. The manufacturing capability are improved greatly.

The core competitiveness of company:

The company’s technology leaders are top experts in the industry and won the national & municipal level science and technology progress award many times. The technical team has a strong ability of motor development and innovation. A series of high-tech products are developed continually, some of them have filled the domestic gap and have always been at the leading domestic level.

The company’s core management team comes from large state-owned enterprise and has rich trade management experience. Through internal improvement and optimization, the advanced management system has been established gradually. The manufacture capacity and quality control level are promoted through accelerating intelligent plant construction.

On December 2013 the company was proved listing in the national small enterprise share transfer system, the corporate governance structure is further improved, and the necessary security is provided for the company’s long-term and stable development.

 Company goal:

The goal of company is to pursuit for achieving the customer maximal satisfaction, to improve the product quality through continuous improvement, to relieve the customer’s worries through excellent pre-sale, sale, after-sale service.

 Product application:

The products are widely used to drive the blower, water pump, compressor, breaker, coal mill, metal rolling machinery, nonmetal mixing machinery, machine tool etc. all kinds of machinery equipment, and also to drive conveyor, transmission, transportation machinery equipment etc. The fields are involving in the power plant, steel, papermaking, irrigation, mine, petrochemical, construction material, rubber and municipal construction etc.

Product lines:

1.Low voltage high- efficient asynchronous motor

◆Series YE3:level 2 energy efficiency standard, belong to recommended use series.

◆Series YE4:level 1 energy efficiency standard, belong to preparative use series.

2. Low voltage frequency conversion asynchronous motor

◆Series YVP:belong to basic use series.

◆Series YPF:level 3 energy efficiency standard, belong to basic use series.

3.High voltage asynchronous motor

◆Series Y:natural cooling, IP23.

◆Series YKK:air-air cooling, IP55.

◆Series YKS:air-water cooling, IP55.

4. High voltage high-efficient asynchronous motor

◆Series YX:natural cooling, IP23.

◆Series YXKK:air-air cooling, IP55.

◆Series YXKS:air-water cooling, IP55.

5. High voltage frequency conversion asynchronous motor

◆Series YP:conventional energy efficiency, natural cooling, IP23.

◆Series YKKP,YBPKK:air-air cooling, IP55.

◆Series YKSP,YBPKS:air-water cooling, IP55.

6. High voltage high-efficient frequency conversion asynchronous motor

◆Series YXP:natural cooling, IP23.

◆Series YXKKP,YXBPKK:air-air cooling, IP55.

◆Series YXKSP,YXBPKS:air-water cooling, IP55.

Enterprise Culture:

 Value:Adding values to enterprise, seeking profits for all employees and benefiting the whole society.

 Vision:Leading the industry technology and locating in the forefront in segment market.

 Mission:Creating a good brand with higher quality, achieving more profits by reducing energy consumption.

 Enterprise Spirit:Open, aggressive, creative and trustful.

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