Overview of Vertical Bearings

Michell Bearings’ vertical bearings (AV, LV and V Series) have been designed and developed as fully self-contained, general purpose, modular assemblies to meet customer’s requirements.

AV Series Capacity

AV Series Dimensions

LV Series Capacity

LV Series Dimensions

V Series Capacity

V Series Dimensions

Our product range includes:

Vertical Guide Bearings (V)

Advanced Vertical Thrust and Guide Bearings (AV)

Large Vertical Thrust and Guide Bearings (LV)

Thrust Bearings for marine applications

Industrial Horizontal Bearings (lH)

Heavy Duty Thrust Bearings (HD)

Marine Propeller Shaft Bearings (MA & MT)

Self-aligning Pedestal Bearings (NSA)

Omega Thrust Rings

Omega Equalised Thrust Rings

Journal Pad Units

Special designs to individual customer specification

  • Brand: Michell
  • Type: AV, LV and V Series