The slide bearing gearboxes of the TCS type group are the result of targeted development for applications involving high speeds and transmissions.

The slide bearing gearboxes of the TCS type group are the result of targeted development for uses in the field of high-speed compressor applications. Following continued further developments, this series has also been very successfully used in turbine applications for many years.

An optimized series of high-performance slide bearing gearboxes tailored to a broad range of applications was created based on many years of experience and incorporating the latest design and analysis tools. Gearboxes in this series are available with center distances from 400 to 1,000 mm. Nine graduated sizes enable an optimal selection for these application scenarios.

The slide bearing gearboxes in the TCS type group are designed to meet customer requirements according to DIN, AGMA, ISO, or API guidelines. The gearboxes can be equipped with the required instruments to enable monitoring of the temperature and vibrations. Explosion protection requirements can also be taken into account if necessary.

All pinion shafts and gear wheels are typically made of alloyed, highly wear-resistant case-hardened steel. The toothing is ground and case-hardened. The gear geometry is optimized according to the respective application scenario and the running parameters.

Optimized radial slide bearings are used for the shaft bearings based on their efficiency, oil consumption, stability, and dependability. Depending on the customer’s system concept, the gear unit can be equipped with an axial bearing on a wheel or pinion shaft. The axial bearing is integrated into a radial bearing in the standard version, but can also be provided as a separate axial bearing. A mechanically driven oil pump, a rotor turning unit, or a backstop can also be installed or mounted.


  • Standard high-speed gearboxes for the highest transmissions in compressor and turbine systems in which the speeds of the propulsion and working machines need to be adapted to one another.

  • Implementation of continuously adaptable individual transmissions at a speed of up to 27,000 1/min, an up to 15-fold transmission and an output of up to 20 MW to meet the customer’s specific needs

  • Very quick response time for complete and individual components due to a high degree of size-specific standardization and the provision of intermediate products that this enables

  • Standard high-speed gearboxes for all applications

  • Short delivery time due to high availability of stock

  • Maintenance-friendly

We can provide original German RENK gearboxes, couplings, sliding bearings, RENK bearings, oil seals, oil rings, and other accessories, so no matter what brand of motor the customer uses (including but not limited to: TECO Motor , ABB motors, Siemens motors, WEG motors, Marathon motors), as long as they are equipped with RENK products, we can provide related RENK product services.

  • Brand: RENK
  • Type: TCS
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