• There are 4 series, including CF, CM, CR and CG. The products meet the requirements of DIN and ISO standards. The standard type has six specifications, including 09, 11, 14, 18, 22 and 28, applicable to the rotor diameter (80-355 mm).

  • As a generation of products upgraded based on CM series, CMS series can be interchanged with CM series.

  • The products with larger specifications, such as Types 35, 45 and 56, can be provided.

  • Customized design can be provided for such conditions as vessel, high thrust load, and large negative pressure.

  • The configuration of multi-lobe and tilting-pad bearings can be provided for high-speed machine to meet the special requirements of the dynamic characteristics.

  • Bearing bush, sealing element and other common-used components are standby to meet the customers' requirements of fast delivery.

  • Brand: SUND
  • Type: CF/CM/CR/CG
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