Product Introduction

TECO series gear reducers are transmission products with international advanced level, including BR series helical gear reducers, BF series parallel shaft helical gear reducers, BK series helical gear bevel gear reducers, BS series helical gear worm gear reducers.

The TECO series follows the design concept of modularization and optimization, uses the finite element analysis technology, adopts the unique low noise gear tooth shape design, ensures the design is advanced. It has millions of different combinations because of its delicate transmission ratio, which can meet all kinds of different needs of users. From material selection to manufacturing process, it can realize the high precision and maintenance free products.

Our company is also equipped with duplex type reduction motor (with a helical gear speed reducer installed at the input end), locking plate, spline hollow shaft, B14 flange etc. We have many combinations for customers to choose. Please consult our company for details.

Products Features

IE3 or IE4 high efficiency motor with international specification EC60034-30 can effectively save the energy cost and can undertake different frequencies and voltages of various countries.

It adopts the general industry standard on the market, and its external installation size is compatible with the products made by most German reducer manufacturers, it's easy for customers to install because of good versatility.

Compact structure, strong impact resistance. More stable transmission and less noise. Longer service life and high reliability.

The specifications are complete, not only the power range of coaxial, parallel shaft and helical bevel gear motor is from 0.12kw to 200kw but also the power range of helical worm gear motor is from 0.12kw to 22kw. Its speed ratio is bigger and its performance is outstanding.

Installation methods are very diversified, such as vertical, horizontal, motor direct connection, etc., It is more flexible for customers to choose what they need according to actual requirements.

The gear box is made of gray cast iron, which has good wear resistance, castability and machinability.

Made of high quality low carbon alloy steel, with the characteristics of impact resistance, wear resistance and good initial properties etc..

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