Product type: three-phase asynchronous motor

Model: YBX5

Frame No.: 80~355

Number of poles: 2,4,6,8

Energy efficiency grade: Grade I energy efficiency

Product certification: National explosion-proof certification

Rated speed: 2825~2980 (rpm)

Rated voltage: 380, 660, 380/660V, 400, 690, 400/690V, 415V

Rated power: 0.37 ~ 315kWW

Cooling mode: IC411

Protection grade: IP55

Explosion proof grade: ExdIIBT4Gb, ExdIICT4Gb

Functional use: power equipment

Processing customization: Yes

Scope of application: applicable to places with explosive gas mixture in petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, electric power and other industries

  • Brand: NANYANG
  • Type:
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