WEG-MAF Wound-Rotor Motors Product Parameters:

  • Type:MAF

  • Rated output: 250 up to 10,000 kW

  • Frame: 355 up to 1,000 (IEC)

  • Voltage: 220 up to 13,800 V

  • Number of poles: 4 to 14 (wound-rotor motors)

  • Frequency: 50 and 60 Hz

  • Degree of protection: IP55 and IP56 (sleeve bearings)

                                        IP55 to IP66 (anti-friction bearings)

  • Standards: IEC/NEMAIntegrated control system for motors with liftablebrush holders

M Mining - Three-Phase Induction Motors

To provide an effective solution for the mining and cement segments, WEG developed the M Mining line. These motors have asuperior dearee of protection, ideal for dust environments, and a new brush svstem for the wound-rotor motors.

The desion was snecia y ceveloned wth electromechanica characteristics which porovice curabiy ong fe operation. strenotand robustness. They can operate in dust environments as found in cement and mining industries, susceptible to sun expoosureinstallations that are able to withstand water projected in powerful jets and permanent contact with suspended ore/cementparticles accumulated on the equipment, For this reason, the motors have a degree of protection up to IP66 and are mainlyused in mills rollers, balls. bars, SAG), crushers. fans, exhaust fans, convevor belts, wheel loaders and winches, centrifugalpumps, rotary kilns, electric excavators among others.

Features and benefits

  • Brush lifting mechanism

    The mechanism is now simplified, with significant reductionof parts and components, making the maintenance eveneasier.

  • Liftable brush holder drive system

    The drive system was optimized using reducers and inductivesensors.

  • Liftable brush holder control system

    A control system was incorporated into the motor,containing the operation logic of the brush lifting system.The goal was to combine a robust and easyimplementation project in the application (only 2 inputsignals and 3 output signals).The control system has the capability to investigate faultsand monitor system operation via integrated HMl,facilitating system maintenance, preventing unduemaneuvering in the brush holder system and the mainmotor drive, and increasing safety in the motoroperation.

  • Access to the liftable brush holder compartment

    The slipe rings compartment has large inspection windowsfor easy maintenance.

  • Stainless steel hardware

    Motor Line with stainless steel hardware. This way, avoids thecorrosion process in screws, nuts, washers, and others.

  • Inspection window

    All brushes are positioned facing the side of the inspectionwindow, allowing full access for brushes exchangeConstant pressure springs are used to reduc brush wear.

  • Constructive form of fixed brush holder

    The mechanism is now simplified, with significant reductionnumber of parts and components.It makes possiblereversing the construction of the brush holder. It also has afilter in the ventilation circuit to prevent brush powderaccumulation.

  • Position of the fixed brush holder insulators

    The new assembly reduces dust accumulation in the brushholder and allows the axial adiustment of the insulators andbrush holders.

  • Fixed brush holder cooling system

    The cooling system of the brush holder is independent ofthe motor cooling system, increasing its efficiency.

  • Painting plan

    M Mining motors are protected by the high performanceWEG paint system, capable to withstand 240h test in theASTM 117B saline mist chamber.

    It allows operation in abrasive and humid environments with SO2,presence.

  • IP66 protection

    To ensure the IP66 protection level, special seals are usedin all connecting and sealing joints of the bearings. Thesealing system protects the motor from pollutants, whichmay cause serious damages to the motor.

  • Brand: WEG
  • Type: MGF
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