TECO Mobile Collaborative Robot Granted Silver Award of Taiwan Excellence Awards

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TECO Mobile Collaborative Robot Granted Silver Award of Taiwan Excellence Awards

TECO Electric & Machinery has once again staged a stellar performance in the annual Taiwan Excellence Awards organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), with its smart mobile collaborative robot T-PAL  being granted the silver award in the 31st edition of the event this year.


The collaborative robot boasts modularized design and open platform and can be custom-made. Kao Fei-yuan, president of the company's electromechanical system and automation business group, points out that T-PAL is a Taiwanese thoroughbred, with R&D, design, and manufacturing all being carried out by TECO in Taiwan. TECO plans to apply the robot at its factories both in Taiwan and abroad before accepting custom orders for shipment to markets worldwide.


   A combination of TECO's self-developed collaborative robotic arm and automated guided vehicle (AGV), T-PAL boasts modularized knuckle, which can be extended into a multi-axis mechanism, up to six axes, for extensive applications, including factory, education, logistics/warehousing, and real-time inspection. Able to share the same operating space with workers in a safe manner, T-PAL is a modularized robotic platform with high CP (cost/performance) ratio and reliability. TECO notes that as an embodiment of corporate sustainability, T-PAL knuckle module and AGV outperform peers in servo-drive power density and heat dissipation, boasting a compact drive system, which enables savings in raw materials, packaging, and transportation cost, in line with TECO's corporate vision of "energy conservation, emission reduction, intelligence, and automation," meeting enterprises' needs for small-amount, large-variety, flexible production and automated process.


TECO offered 12 electromechanical products and systems for this year's contest, boasting over 1,000 entries, all of which have been awarded, testifying to the company's R&D and innovation strength. The 12 award-winning items all boast higher performance and energy conservation, including "smart drive system for ultra-high energy performance cooling-tower," lightweight "IE5 ultra-high efficiency, energy-conserving permanent-magnet motor," "large bipolar rigid-axis variable-frequency smart motor," applicable to wind-power and hydraulic-engine industries, oil refinery, and power plant, "high power density energy-conserving matrix-type variable-frequency actuator," boasting the world's smallest actuator with over 20% energy saving, as well as "high-efficiency modularized large e-car powertrain," "smart energy-conserving variable-frequency freezing machine," "smart dual-power business variable-frequency Internet-access air conditioning system," and "AI energy-conserving system for chiller." In addition, there are a number of smart systems, such as smart multi-unit blended application robotic system," "smart precision-positing and navigational system for forklift, and "compact smart digital-communications direct-current servo actuator.

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