TECO Powertrain T Power+ Contributes to Taiwan E-Vehicles Supply Chain

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Weima Electric (Shanghai) Ltd.

TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. unveils today (20) self-developed powertrain T Power+, applicable to various e-vehicles, including e-bus, e-heavy duty truck, port AGV, and ferryboat, with an eye on the global e-vehicle market. 

 With a modularized design, the product boasts power output ranging from 150 kW to 250 kW, which can be applied to e-vehicles in different specifications, contributing to the establishment of indigenous e-vehicle supply chain.

 The product, winner of golden award of 2020 Taiwan Excellence Awards, is a highlight of the company's exhibition at its booth in E-Mobility Taiwan 2021, held in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2. Sophia Chiu, TECO chairman, noted that as a DMIT (design and manufacture in Taiwan) product, T Power+ boasts self design, modularized structure, and smart monitoring, adding that the company already launched an automated smart production line for e-vehicle motor and driver at its Chungli plant in June.

 Moreover, T Power+ series boasts low noise, low magnetic leakage, low torque ripple, thanks to its patented technology, with the motor made of CSC's high-performance magnetic steel sheets, featuring high efficiency (with efficiency reaching 98% or 96% for M+I series), lightweight, modularization, and high strength, capable of longtime high-speed driving. With the driver featuring flexibility, high efficiency, high power density, and high reliability, T Power+ can be applied to e-bus, e-truck, e-ferryboat, e-agricultural machines, and port e-AGV.

 T Power+ series has been installed in 3.45-ton and lighter commercial vehicles, which will be employed by Taiwan Pelican Express, a TECO affiliate, as logistics vehicles. Also on display at TECO booth is a chassis equipped with a powertrain integrating motor, driver, and decelerator.

 Other noteworthy exhibits at TECO booth include innovative automotive electronics products of TECOM, a TECO affiliate, such as EVG-300 auto vibrometer, capable of issuing warning signal for abnormal motor vibration, which can be coupled with Pro-9000 P high-resolution vibration diagnosis instrument, offering 17-item measurement and analytical function, to uphold the normal function of e-vehicles. 

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