RENK KPBV gear units are the classic drive solution for medium and large vertical mills for coal, raw materials, bricks, as well as minerals.

The three-stage gear unit has a bevel gear and two planetary stages. It is the gear unit used in the third development generation of vertical mill drives. It was introduced to great success in 1998 and has been installed many hundreds of times since then. This technical solution has become standard today and was generally accepted on the market.

The round structure of the housing is ideal for diverting the milling forces into the foundation. The mill axial bearings integrated into the gear unit can absorb forces of over 3000t. The transmissible torque is greater than 3.5 million Nm.

KPBV gear units are produced in large quantities independently of orders and can be supplied at short notice. Versions adapted to customer preferences are provided within normal delivery times from the available stock and matching parts.


  • Torques of 500 to 3,800 kNm for medium and larger vertical mills

  • Proven in use for over 30 years 

  • Sophisticated lubrication system with fine filtering, resulting in significantly extended service life

  • Overdimensioned mill radial bearings

  • Sophisticated monitoring, optionally also with the RENK VIBmonitoring System for the automation of regular maintenance checks

We can provide original German RENK gearboxes, couplings, sliding bearings, RENK bearings, oil seals, oil rings, and other accessories, so no matter what brand of motor the customer uses (including but not limited to: TECO Motor , ABB motors, Siemens motors, WEG motors, Marathon motors), as long as they are equipped with RENK products, we can provide related RENK product services.

  • Brand: RENK
  • Type: KPBV
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