RENK vertical bearings in the V range are mainly used in low- to medium-speed machines with vertical designs, such as pumps, fans, turbines, or electrical machines. VT bearings are available as combined thrust and guide bearings with a radial and axial component, while VG bearings are provided as radial guide bearings only.

The key features of the VT bearings are the tiltable, round RENK RD slide shoes. These are supported via cup springs, thereby ensuring a uniform axial distribution of loads. The radial component serves as a guide bearing. If necessary, a four-lobe shell can be used instead of the cylindrical shell. This shell has a stabilizing effect on the shaft, which is subjected to a load radial load or none at all.

Depending on the respective operating conditions, the VT / VG bearings are operated with natural cooling, external lubrication, or integrated water coolers. Using a fan expands the range in which natural cooling can be used to include higher speeds. If there is an external lubricant system, the housing is equipped with an overflow chamber that always contains enough lubricant for short-term emergency operation until the machine is shut down.


  • Bearing design tailored especially to vertical applications

  • Noise and vibrations during operation are generally low

  • Efficient condition monitoring thanks to easy evaluation of the bearing temperature

  • Available as a package with numerous combination options

Technical Data

  • Shaft diameter: 70 to 425 mm

  • Construction: Vertical flange-mounted bearing

  • Lubrication: Self-lubricating or external lubrication

  • Cooling system: Natural cooling, water cooling, external cooling, or fan cooling

  • Options: Hydrostatic system, lubricant circulation system, mechanical backstop, integrated electrical insulation

We can provide original German RENK gearboxes, couplings, sliding bearings, RENK bearings, oil seals, oil rings, and other accessories, so no matter what brand of motor the customer uses (including but not limited to: TECO Motor , ABB motors, Siemens motors, WEG motors, Marathon motors), as long as they are equipped with RENK products, we can provide related RENK product services.

  • Brand: RENK
  • Type: V type