RENK pedestal bearings in the SC range are optimized for stationary use as radial bearings in land applications and can also absorb moderate axial loads. They are primarily used in electrical machines.

The versions can be assembled from a modular system depending on the needs of the respective situation. The SC range of bearings was constructed in such as way that it can also be used together with the familiar E bearing range. The shaft heights and the drilling pattern of the foot mount, for example, match those of the E bearings to a large extent.

Frictional heat is dissipated by radiation and convection alone in many cases. Two lubricant coolers made of seawater resistant material can also be used in the housing, and integrated baffles boost the cooling performance.


  • Bearing design tailored especially to industrial applications

  • Integration of special customer-specific requirements

  • Optimized design has been tried and tested in numerous applications

  • Noise and vibrations during operation are generally low

  • Overhaul and maintenance possible for installed shaft

  • Available as a package with numerous combination options

Technical Data

  • Shaft diameter: 200 to 1,400 mm

  • Construction: Pedestal bearing

  • Lubrication: Self-lubricating (fixed oil ring, loose oil ring) or external lubrication

  • Cooling system: Natural cooling, water cooling, or external cooling

  • Options: Hydrostatic system, lubrication system, integrated electrical insulation

We can provide original German RENK gearboxes, couplings, sliding bearings, RENK bearings, oil seals, oil rings, and other accessories, so no matter what brand of motor the customer uses (including but not limited to: TECO Motor , ABB motors, Siemens motors, WEG motors, Marathon motors), as long as they are equipped with RENK products, we can provide related RENK product services.

  • Brand: RENK
  • Type: SC type